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ASTA is an independent approval and certification mark for electrical products. Intertek is the certificating body that tests the product.

The ASTA Diamond Mark reinforces our declaration of safety that the product meets or exceeds appropriate Standards and demonstrates our commitment to producing high quality products. It is widely used to support declarations of conformity and technical file activity required when CE Marking for the EU. It can be applied to a wide range of electrical products, including plugs, socket outlets, adaptors, consumer units, fuses, switches and busbar trunking systems.

The ASTA Diamond Mark indicates that the product has been manufactured in a factory which is inspected at least annually to ensure consistent, safe production. It also shows that the product will be checked at intervals by the certification body for ongoing compliance with the safety standards.

Nexus product is CE and UKCA Marked, and independently tested to have ASTA Diamond Mark approval - a further commitment to quality and safety standards.

We also meet or exceed all relevant British Standards, including BS 5733, BS 1363, BS 7071.

Nexus offer an industry leading 10 Year Total Confidence Warranty for all products that are installed by our installation team, or one of our approved partners. We are the only commercial power and technology supplier to offer such a warranty.

When products are installed by the end-user or unapproved contractors we offer an industry leading 2 Year Warranty.

Confident in our state of the art technology, nexusPRO Surge products come with an Unlimited £ Connected Equipment Warranty when installed by the nexus installation team or approved partner. In the unlikely event that a surge passes through the protection device within 3 years of purchase and damage occurs to the connected equipment, nexus will pay to repair or replace the equipment - there is no limit to the connected equipment amount.

Nexus stands by the quality of its Surge products.

Yes, where a CE or UKCA marking is required.

Not all products must bear the CE or UKCA markings. Only those product categories subject to specific directives that provide for the marking are required to be marked.

GaN Technology - the future of electronics.

GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology is a high performance alternative to silicon that is traditionally used in electronic devices.

GaN semiconductors are smaller, faster and more efficient than silicon, producing less heat and more power from a compact footprint.
All nexus power modules have been designed from the ground up using GaN technology.

The benefits of GaN chargers include:

  • High performance
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Environmentally friendly, energy saving
  • Compact 
  • Efficient

DescriptionAverage amperage in use
Apple iMac0.4 A
Desktop PC0.7 A
Apple Macbook Pro0.35 A
Apple iPad Pro 12.9"0.15 A
Tablet0.7 A
15" Laptop0.3 A
27" LCD monitor0.1 A
Desktop backup hard drive0.04 A
Inkjet printer0.16 A
Desk lamp0.05 A
Desk fan0.14 A

The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) is the primary legislation covering occupational health in Great Britain. Within HSWA for electrical systems in the workplace there are two relevant standards – BS 6396 & BS 7671.

Please click here to read more detail.

Extension leads or trailing sockets do not meet the regulations and must not be used.

Extension leads and trailing sockets are not individually fused for each socket, therefore they are unsuitable for use. 

Also, using these leads encourages “daisy chaining” (the practice of plugging an extension lead into another extension lead), potentially leading to extremely dangerous situations.

The short answer is no.  Universal sockets are prohibited by BS 7671 (IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition) due to unimpeded access to live parts within the socket which introduce a serious risk of electric shock.

Nexus 13A socket outlets comply fully with BS 1363 by featuring shuttered outlets, restricting access to live parts.

No, switched sockets are not legal requirement within BS 6396 and BS 7671.

Optional Synapse™ integration provides a wealth of connectivity possibilities, including well-being, from stand-alerts to fatigue monitoring, all from a single cable.
Plus, the data generated enables understanding of usage patterns and occupancy, helping you to optimise space.

  • Incorporating 100W Thunderbolt3 with power and data
    • Small and reversible USB C connector
    • Connects to USB devices
    • Up to 40Gb/s speed
    • Supports two 4K displays
    • Compatible with existing USB devices and cables
    • USB-PD (Power Delivery), Qualcomm quick charge 4+ and USB BC 1.2 standards
    • 10Gb Ethernet connection between computers

*Requires below-desk Synapse™ hub for full functionality

It depends on the Standard the installation will comply with.

For BS 6396 – The maximum number of 240V sockets from a 13A plug is 6 (where the socket fuse rating is 3.15 A).  A typical Nexus installation will include 4 sockets under-desk (for permanently connected devices e.g. Monitor, Printer, Lamp, Fan), and 1-2 sockets above-desk for Laptops, tablets or mobile phone chargers.

For BS 7671 – Sockets will be connected by an underfloor track or hard wired via a Power Distribution Unit.  The number of sockets allowed per desk may be larger, but this will depend on the supply electrical load being dictated by the equipment being used on each desk.

BS 6396 and BS 7671 are British Standards which form part of the Electrical Safety at Work regulations, and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

BS 6396 applies to electrical installations in office and educational furniture connected to the supply by a 13A plug (BS 1363 is a British Standard which specifies the common single-phase AC power plugs and sockets that are used in the United Kingdom). Most commonly this is via an outlet within a floorbox or a perimeter trunking system.
Installations connected by other means such as underfloor track tap-offs, Industrial connectors or hard wiring should be installed in accordance with BS 7671 - Requirements for Electrical installations.

Read more about the legislation here.

A Residual Current Device (RCD) is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire.

 It is a requirement for all electrical systems within office or educational furniture to include safety protection in the form of a 30 milliamp (mA) residual current device.

Nexus products use a Thermal Reset fuse which fully comply with all relevant Standards.  This device is a modern alternative to the traditional ceramic cartridge fuse used in 13A plugs.

Thermal Resets offer many benefits over conventional fuses, they:

  • Provide a visual cue when the socket needs resetting
  • Are more efficient
  • Don’t require changing when they ‘blow’ 
  • Prevent the wrong type or rating of fuse being used
  • Are easily resettable with a tool (supplied with each unit)
  • Save time and cost; the user can reset the socket in question without the need for an electrician or competent person
  • Prevent waste fuses going to the environment
  • Are non-intrusive in the product design, meaning that Nexus (or customer designed) products are more aesthetically pleasing than those that carry conventional fuses

BS6396:2008 states in Section 5.5.4 “Socket outlets shall be positioned so as to minimise the risk of electrical hazards from liquid spillage.”

This means that socket outlets should not be mounted inset or horizontally facing upward in desks. When testing to BS6396 is carried out, the standard UKAS approved test is that cup of liquid is spilled over the sockets or in the vicinity of them if they are in a cable basket or tray. The liquid should not be retained on or in the sockets. Clearly where the sockets are angled any liquid would run off.

This will equally apply to sockets installed on office furniture in compliance with BS7671.

Yes, our base modules are designed to allow OEM partners to design and manufacture their own power and connectivity solutions to suit a specific application and to create completely new products. These designs are for their sole use, allowing them to create solutions in harmony with their own product ranges.