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Nexus EnviroRaw - A sustainable alternative to traditional fossil based plastics

What is EnviroRAW®?

Traditional plastics are made by using a feedstock of non-renewable fossil based fuels (crude oil, natural gas or coal), these are known as Synthetic plastics or virgin polyolefins.

The vast majority of plastic in use today is synthetic because of the ease of manufacturing methods involved in the processing of crude oil. However, the growing demand for limited oilreserves is driving a need for newer plastics from renewable resources such as waste biomass or animal-waste products from the industry. 

Introducing EnviroRaw® - products made of renewably-sourced bio-based feedstocks and from waste and residue streams: from vegetable oil production as well as oil waste and residues; the timber industry; the food industry – for instance, used cooking oil. From a sustainability perspective, re-using waste to manufacture renewable feedstocks further enhances the EnviroRaw® appeal

Read more about our sustainable initiatives by viewing our EnviroRAW PDF on the link below... 

Nexus EnviroRAW Brochure LR.pdf